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Coronavirus: Ethical Values and Principles for Healthcare Delivery Framework

It’s really important that throughout this emergency situation NHS services continue to provide care that meets the needs of people living in Wales in a way that responds to their individual needs and upholds the fundamental principles that we expect from our NHS. 

The Welsh Government has recently published guidance for healthcare services when they are making decisions during the coronavirus outbreak

The guidance covers:

1. Core Values to inform planning and decision making for health care delivery for all people in Wales

2. Using the framework to deliver health services equitably

3. Principles and law underpinning ethical delivery of health care including

- Respect                                       - Minimising the overall harm from the pandemic

- Fairness                                       - Working together

- Reciprocity                                   - Keeping things in proportion

- Flexibility                                      - Good decision-making


We want to know whether your experience of NHS care during this period meets these values and principles, and if you agree with them?

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