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Visits to NHS Services


Visiting is one of the core functions of the Community Health Councils and provides us with essential information on the care patients receive, and the quality of the wards, clinics and other settings where that care is delivered.

Community Health Councils have always had a statutory right to visit hospitals and clinics, and have authority to include primary care establishments where NHS services are delivered.  This involves GP practices, dental surgeries, opticians, pharmacists and nursing homes.

Please be aware that, as of July 2019, the CHC are no longer publishing their Visit Reports and Responses on the Website. If you would like a copy of any of the Reports noted on the Website, please contact the CHC Office where a member of staff will be happy to help.


CHC Scrutiny Activity - 2022/2023  
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CHC Scrutiny Activity - 2010/2011 CHC Scrutiny Activity - 2011/2012


Are there any NHS services e.g. hospitals, clinics or dentists etc. in the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan area that you would like us to visit?

If yes, can you provide us with: the type of service, the name and location e.g. specific hospital ward and a brief explanation as to why you would like us to visit this service?































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